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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Casual driving shoes — Philippines

Guess, everyone who are into cars, are also very meticulous what shoes that are meant for driving. Thought just a regular sneakers or simple shoes will do the trick, guess not. Some drivers that are expose to racing — whether street racing, trackdays, or professional racers — are aware that shoes is an important factors especially if you are doing the heel-and-toe technique or other pedal work.

Upon experince, here are the list that you need to consider in order to have a driving shoes or if you have already driving shoes:

- Casual driving shoes — not the professional driving shoes which are expensive — will have a special design to its sole — some kind of a pattern to its sole that touch the surface of the pedal for the better heel-and-toe technique and smoother downshifting — whether its accelerator, brake, or the clutch.
- Designs are similar with Moccasin
- Very common to casual driving shoes they use synthetic leather — PU or Cowskin, unless you did a made-to-order driving shoes made of Alligator skin.
- Sole rolled with the heels for ease pedal works - Round toe is order to eliminate snagging on pedal edge

However, casual driving shoes is very expensive in the market and some elite or "can afford" can experience what the shoes was built for.

Funny, I saw at ZALORA website a variety of driving shoes which you can buy at affordable price. Here are some of the images that are sold on their website that meets the functionality of a casual driving shoes — well, besides that the label is driving shoes.

For price, shipping policies, details, and other lineup; you can visit this link below:

For details: Driving Shoes.. Go here..
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