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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Morris Garages MG-GT: Is Officially In The Philippines

"MG represents everything nice in Britain"

Finally, one of the famous British icon is now in the Philippine, they brought the 2015 MG GT.

2015 MG GT Modern Design

MG GT inherits, sharp feature of a regular-type sedan in appearance but a keen sculpturing-cutting art makes the whole vehicle even more flexible. Fastback in profile design not only continues the constant dynamic gene of MG brand, but also perfectly the young generation's individuality. Waterfall intake grille and suspended blade-type inner net design from the MG golden age reveals MG GT's dauntless courage, but also converys's the owner's love for aesthetics.

The tail lamp design gives a successful stop to the MG GT's superb shape. Its extending "British Flame" integrated tail-lamp not only suit color and function needs, but also showcases MG GT as a frontrunner in a car fashion.

2015 MG GT Cutting-edge Technology and Highly Fuel-Efficient Engines

The 2015 MG GT is equipped with a new 1.5 engine, which MG engineers used aviation-grade Aluminum material to build the engine's body; to achieve overall lightweight and overall fuel-efficiency of the car. The 2015 MG-GT engine is equipped with the following Fuel-efficient technology: it comes with direct-inject engine, very rare to a gasoline-fed engine especially in mid-sized sedans nowadays; equipped with Variable-Geometric Turbo or VGT, technology that is offered only in high-end Sports-utility vehicle for maximum fuel-efficiency without sacrificing the power; and a Dual-Variable-Valve-Timing or Dual VVT with Start-stop feature, also offered only to high-end sedans.

With those technology, a comprehensive test shows that the car's fuel consumption is 5.9 liters/100 kilometers which is very applicable to the city setup of Metro Manila, especially during rush hour.

Having that on the 2015 MG GT, we are assured that MG will revived their British roots and the famous phrase "A car which gives birth to the competition driver and normal intelligent motorist, the finest value for money that they ever dreamed of".

Other technology that the 2015 MG GT offers is a Four-speed Automatic transmission which guarantees smooth gear-shifting and rapid acceleration — take note that the timing sequence of the shifting of this car is 0.2 seconds which comparable to a high-end sedan.

2015 MG GT: Safety Feature

The 2015 MG GT offers passengers and driver a 360-degree strong protection that is more human-oriented design and richer safety configuration. It adopts a light-weighted structure integrated with high-rigidity which is par with international design standards. The proportion of high-strength steel plates, that is strongly over 590 Par, and ultra-high strength steel plates. Other technology that comes with the car as a standards are Anti-lock Breaking System, Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Hill-Start Assist System, and more.

The side passeger of the 2015 MG GT is equipped with Airbag for maximum safety for both driver and passenger

2015 MG GT: Interior

One thing that we like about the 2015 MG GT is that it offers a spacious interior, both in the front and the back — especially the legroom, its amazing.

The prices? The 1.5-liter GT is priced at P895,000 which is very enticing price especially the technology that every motorist and drivers will experienced.

Oh, before I forgot, one thing that I like with MG Philippines is that once you have your Periodic Maintenance Service or PMS, the one who will do will be the famous tuner in the Philippines Autoplus. This will also guarantee that the service mechanics are well-experienced in cars.

For more details, here is their address:

MG Philippines

Unit 3, G/F, Midway Court Building, 241 EDSA Greenhills, Mandaluyong City
Phone number: (+632) 725-67-88
Website: www.mgphilippines.com

Photographer and Article: Arnold Dela Cruz (FB:Arnold Yew)
FB: Arnold Yew
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