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Sunday, April 20, 2014

TATA Super ACE: Future of transport business

Indian's famous auto maker TATA is making their way in the Philippine market by introducing a bunch of models which will give more options for buyers.

One of their model that will hit the sweet spot among Filipino operators or buyer is their TATA Super ACE — the FB type. The reason that I said that this model will becoming popular is because upon seeing the actual vehicle, the size if this one is perfect for those narrow street of Manila which other full-size FB utility vehicles will having hard time going through in it and not sacrificing its power and performance which those small-sized FB utility vehicles are lacking.

The vehicle's four-cylinder Diesel engine is equipped with turbo-charger with a descent 52-hp at 135-NM of Torques which is descent enough and can deliver every user's needs in terms of carrying load without pinching its expenses in fuel.

When I went inside the vehicle, the interior is perfect for Filipino drivers. Also, another thing that caught my attention is the dashboard and the panels of the vehicle, simple and it is perfect for drivers; no complication or other switches might confuse the user during its operation.

The representative from TATA Philippines told me that they do not have yet the price for the said model, they said it will released I think on June or late May. Oh, another thing that caught also my attention is that their stockyard will based in Cainta, Rizal and their dealership will be base in Marikina which new to my ears because it is very common that the stock yards are located in Laguna; so I guess the fast-delivery is the name of the game here.

So if you are planning to replace that old-technology drive passenger type jeepney, this is my recommendation for all UV-express operator and other transport vehicle operator that have a franchise on their jeepney.

Photos by Arnold of Arnold-S Photogs
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