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Saturday, May 28, 2011

2 Hyundai Vehicles Entered at the 2011 Philippine Transport Show

May 29, 2011 - Held in SMX Convention Center, Pasay City from May 26-29, the 2011 Philippines Transport Show is a showcase challenging the Filipino car culture. It also provide a real exposure to the engine and sound modification, auto detailing and car restoration.

Toyota and Honda from Japan; Hyundai from Korea; BMW, Audi, and Porsche from Germany; Lamborghini and Ferrari from Italy - to mention a few, joined the show.

There are only 2 Hyundai entries at the event. The Hyundai Genesis has a descent inner and outer modification while the Hyundai Tiburon has a scissor door and a detailing done to it.

With a positive response based from a crowd of car enthusiasts who daily attend the show, it won't be a suprise if a similar affair will be scheduled again next year.

hyundai genesis - www.easternmotors.info

hyundai coupe - www.easternmotors.info
hyundai coupe - www.easternmotors.info

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Turning your Hyundai Vans into a Wifi Hotspot for your business.

hyundai vans wifi hotspot

Have you ever wonder in many bus liner especially when you're going south (Laguna, Batangas, and more) offers a hotspot in their buses? Nice right? Saw also some of my friends and co-workers (before) doing a post on Facebook through a bus liner somewhere in Buendia or in EDSA (I think! Ok that is a JAC Liner). This an additional perks to commuters who are travelling and additional income to telcos. This feature is good for taxi, GT express, and jeepney operators (love it!). All vehicles are getting wired! What do you think this is an additional amenity for your transport business? This also perfect for your Hyundai Grace and Hyundai Starex vehicles. Do we see a gps tracking here in the future using google maps?

I'll tell you how.

- Plugged in a SAPIDO router to your car charger.
- Plugged in your Broadband dongle on it to the SAPIDO router.

I'd like to thank Mr. Carlo Ople (Grandson of former Blas Ople, Owner and CEO of New Media Philippines and Catalyst Interactive) for the reference.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hyundai Grace and GT express franchise a perfect business in the Philippines

Have you seen a white Hyundai Grace roaming around Manila, Ortigas, Makati, Marikina, or anywhere in Metro Manila with a sticker labelled "GT Express"? This business is a perfect investment if your planning to go to transport business. All you need is a capital, a used Hyundai Grace either 15 or 20 seater, a GT franchise, small detailing (because you need to switched the color of the vehicle to color white), and a trusted driver. Survey shows that drivers can meet their quota or boundary within the day compared to other public transport business like taxi or public jeep. Regarding on the maintenance you'll just need to take the suspension, oil, oil filter, interior of your Hyundai Grace, and most important is the aircon. The Hyundai Grace is also a perfect competetion to Nissan Urvan, Toyota Hi-Ace or Grandia, KIA Besta, and Foton Van. Maintenance of Hyundai Grace is very affordable because some of the part is the same with the parts of L-300 and also the availabilty of parts which you find either in Banawe or to some korean import shop just like www.easternmotors.info.

So if you're an ofw or an entrepreneur. You can try venture to this perfect transport business.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hyundai sales grows this 2011 in the Philippines

According to survey the their sales increase this year due to demand of their best selling vehicles, good pricing, and easy financing. The biggest share is the Hyundai Accent which you can see the result on the road, there's more taxi cab with this car compared to Toyota Vios or Toyota Corolla, and to the mere fact that this Hyundai Accent is a diesel fed engine boosting a 110 hp compared to its competitor of 85 hp which drivers is very happy. In the used vehicle segment used hyundai starex is the best selling until now, filipino consumer that has a tight budget can own a luxurious but affordable vehicle as compared to used van by other brands.

If you have any plans to purchase one feel free to go to my other webpage to know more on how to buy one.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Fast and the furious 5: A more mature movie for car enthusiast

For car enthusiast this movie is the bible, it started the car import scene in the US and here in the Philippines, the 1st franchise (Fast and the Furious) focus more on the illegal street racing, wild mods to the max, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, and Toyota was the name that you can hear from those movies. The 2nd (2 fast 2 furious)and 3rd release (Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) is quite a cheesy one which you can see on the video game NFS series and other video games (except for the Gran Turismo and Forza franchise). The movie is the reunion of the stars from the previous Fast and the Furious franchise, super exotic cars like Koenigsegg and Lexus SF, the display of the brute torque of Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger especially the Dodge Challengers drag a 10 ton vault in the road of Brazil, also in the after credit there will be another chapter of Fast and the Furious which will be from Dom's GF Letty making a scene in Germany.

Watched the movie at Eastwood Mall cinema Ultra 7, love the amenities, lazy boy set up, free popcorn (Barbecue or Cheese )and drinks (selection from water or Ice tea).

I'm waiting for the Fast and the Furious 6, which I think it will be the story of Letty.

You can also visit the official website of Fast 5 or F5 at

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