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Friday, February 3, 2012

Four Audi LMP1 Hybrid will be released this 2012

Four Audi LMP1 Hybrid will be released this 2012, Please visitwww.easternmotors.info
The battle for the supremacy of having a "Powerful yet very fuel-efficient" at the race track continues, as Audi officially announced that they are going to launch four Audi LMP1 cars that are in hybrid. The said vehicle will definitely matched the TS030 Hybrid of Toyota which was launched last month. Toyota will be having a hard time on this one because the Hybrid system that Audi will developed, they will be using diesel compared to Toyota's gasoline fuel on their internal combustion engine.

The official launch of the vehicles are on June 16-17 of the 2012, at the 24 Hours Le-Mans racing.

Now, things are getting excited this 2012; new technology introduced in pursue of "Powerful yet very fuel-efficient" vehicles.

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