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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winning Over DUI – Criminal Defense Lawyers

Winning Over DUI – Criminal Defense Lawyers, Please visit - www.easternmotors.info
"We all try to live a righteous and problem free life. But then sometimes it seems like problem follows us everywhere we go. Being accused of a criminal conduct is not something anybody would wish for. You could be arrested for several reasons which include physical and sexual assault, forgery, bribery, cheating, burglary, DUI/DWI and many more. Sometimes you could be arrested for no fault of your own. Many people are arrested all over America for criminal conduct does not mean that all of them are criminals. You are not even considered a criminal until they can prove it in court.

In every democratic nation the responsibility to gather evidence falls on the prosecution which is the state. After a person has been arrested the state brings charges by accusing using a bill of information also known as charge sheet or presenting the evidence before a jury. The jury analyses the evidence and decides whether there is enough evidence to charge the person with criminal conduct. If satisfied with the evidence then the defendant is indicted.

Once charges are bought against the defendant, they a brought to trial before a jury of six to twelve jury members or a judge alone. At this point you really need a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer to argue your case. If you do not have a lawyer to defend you the prosecuting lawyer will tear right into your case. The prosecution who would have an experienced lawyer will chew you up and spit you out in front of the jury with ease. They will even go to lengths to make you look stupid in front of the jury. Not hiring a san antonio criminal defense lawyer on your side to defend you make you very vulnerable. The jury will have their decision made easy for them.

However if you have a criminal attorney working on your case. They will fight for you and argue against the prosecution. They have enough experience handling similar cases and need to think about their success rate too. Public defenders would not bother about you as they are not answerable most of them won’t put in enough effort to defend you. It will all be just like a charade that ends with your conviction.

A criminal defense lawyer on the other hand is a professional and will do everything to keep you from going to jail. If you wish to stay out of jail you must hire a san antonio criminal attorney who will take the best path possible to keep you out of jail."

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