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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Accessorizing your Honda’s Interior

Honda has been producing some of the most popular passenger cars in the world for many years, not to mention many top-selling vehicles of other types such as the Honda CRV. One of the reasons frequently cited for these persistently high sales is the tremendous number of repeat customers who purchase vehicles only if they have that Honda nameplate attached. Repeat business has been a result of customer satisfaction, particularly with low vehicle price points, sleek designs, and good fuel efficiency. Still, even with added features such as digital dash displays and other modern add-ons, Civics, Accords, and other Honda vehicles aren’t typically tricked out in their interiors as much as higher-end vehicles and luxury cars are. Fortunately, with some intelligently applied aftermarket upgrades, you can spice up your Honda’s interior space in no-time.

Let’s say you own a Civic and want to use some well-placed Honda car accessories to improve your car’s interior. Since a Civic is quite small, using internal storage systems can help to maximize interior space. While you can certainly load a lot into your truck, storage unit accessories can help you collect odds, ends, and other loose articles and keep them tightly packed for a neater inside space in your car. To help keep your car’s interior cleaner, use a roof rack or other exterior storage accessory in order to keep the interior less clogged with items that don’t need to be within the cabin at any particular time.

Other Honda car accessories are more useful if you own an older Accord, Civic, or other Honda vehicle. Over time, interior upholstery can degrade, whether it’s from overexposure to sunlight throughout the years, rips and tears in the fabric, or something else entirely like juice and soda stains. For a full-blown fix that is somewhat prohibitively expensive, you can go ahead and install brand new seats. Just remove the stock Honda seats and install a set you like, such as brand new Honda racing seats. If you’d rather save money and tons of effort, however, simple Honda seat covers would do. Just find a set in the style you desire, get them measured to the dimensions of your car’s seats, and snugly place them over the current seats in your car. That way, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your car’s interior without draining half your bank account doing so. Nice touches such as designer shift knobs, interior LED lighting, and replacement floor mats can also help finish off the upgraded look.

Just in case appearance and storage aren’t issues in your car’s case, there’s another commonplace issue that may need to be resolved, and can be done so rather easily. Sometimes, Honda interiors, like the interiors of most other vehicles, can begin to smell over time. Whether its general dinginess or the specific smell of rotted fruit melted into the car’s interior carpet, you don’t want to have to deal with unfortunate scents for longer than necessary. Bad smells can not only ruin your daily driving experience, but they can seriously devalue your car’s worth come resale time.

To avoid said results, you can use an air freshener for more minor smells, and replacement upholstery, floor mats, and more for more serious ones. Sometimes, you simply need to enhance your car’s ventilation system as well. By removing mildew floor mats, improving that interior ventilation, and stringing an air freshener around the windshield mirror, you won’t have to bear the burden of a smelly Civic or other Honda interior again, as oftentimes that issue is worse to deal with than any storage issue or lack of aesthetic appeal.
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