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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Turning your Hyundai Vans into a Wifi Hotspot for your business.

hyundai vans wifi hotspot

Have you ever wonder in many bus liner especially when you're going south (Laguna, Batangas, and more) offers a hotspot in their buses? Nice right? Saw also some of my friends and co-workers (before) doing a post on Facebook through a bus liner somewhere in Buendia or in EDSA (I think! Ok that is a JAC Liner). This an additional perks to commuters who are travelling and additional income to telcos. This feature is good for taxi, GT express, and jeepney operators (love it!). All vehicles are getting wired! What do you think this is an additional amenity for your transport business? This also perfect for your Hyundai Grace and Hyundai Starex vehicles. Do we see a gps tracking here in the future using google maps?

I'll tell you how.

- Plugged in a SAPIDO router to your car charger.
- Plugged in your Broadband dongle on it to the SAPIDO router.

I'd like to thank Mr. Carlo Ople (Grandson of former Blas Ople, Owner and CEO of New Media Philippines and Catalyst Interactive) for the reference.
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